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Help - Create New PDF Document

Step 1

Write the text of the PDF using the text editor. Note that you can write text in Bold and/or Italic. You also have the option to align your text Left, Center or Right. You have the Courier and Times New Roman fonts from which you can choose and you can also modify the font size.

Step 2

While writing the text you also have the option to Insert Images (jpg, png). Note that you can only insert a single image per row and the rows with images cannot contain text. When you insert a new image you will be asked to select a size for the image. Note that the size of the images you insert should not be larger than 500x700, otherwise they may not fit in an A4 or Letter PDF page. You can align an image Left, Center or Right and you can resize it by right clicking on it and selecting the Resize Image option.

Step 3

Export your text and images as a PDF Document or HTML Page. If you choose to export your content as PDF you will be asked to select the page size (A4 or Letter) and the size of the page margin.