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Help - Watermark PDF Documents

Step 1

Add the PDF Documents that you want to watermark to the file list by selecting the Add->File(s) option.

Step 2

Choose the way you want to watermark your PDF documents. You can either Text Watermark or Image Watermark your documents. If you select the Text Watermark option you will have to enter the Text that you want to apply on the documents and the Font, Size and Color of this text. It must be noted that if for example you want the font to be Arial Bold Italic you will have to select the Arialbi option from the Font combo-box. If you select the Image Watermark option you will have to select the image that you want to apply on the documents and the Scale at which you want it to be applied. For both methods of watermarking you have the Preview that will help you get a sense of how your output PDF documents will look like.

You will also have to position the watermark on the pages of your documents. The positioning can be done in either points or percents and there are five basic positions: Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right and Center. These positions can be fine tuned using the Offset X and Offset Y controls. Always look at the Preview when placing your watermark to get an idea of how the final result will look like. Click on different files in the file list to see a preview of that specific PDF.

Step 3

Select the output folder (Output Folder) and a naming scheme (Output Names) for your output files and press the Watermark PDF Documents button to begin the watermarking process.