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How to Watermark a PDF File

PDF files can be transfered online very safely because they can be encrypted and if the person that receives them does not have the required password or certificate he cannot see the contents of the documents. But what happens when you post documents online for everyone to see and you still want some kind of guarantee that they will not be used by someone else as if they belonged to him? In this case the best solution would be to watermark your PDF files. To do that you would need a specialized software but the bad news is that such software programs are complicated, expensive and usually do not offer tutorials that show you how to watermark a PDF file.

What you need is a simple, affordable software that will not make you waste hours trying to find out how to watermark a PDF file. This is where 3StepPDF comes in with its user-friendly interface and powerful PDF processing engine. With 3StepPDF, watermarking a PDF file is as simple as 1, 2, 3. If you want to learn how to watermark a PDF file fast and easy please take a look at the following video tutorial.

As you can see in the above video 3StepPDF allows you to select the file that will be watermarked and the type of watermark that will be applied. You can choose between a text watermark and an image watermark. For the text watermark you can select the font type, font size and color of the inputed text while for the image watermark you can modify the scale of the selected image. Both watermarks can be positioned very accurately in either points or percents. The name and location of the output file can also be customized.

So why spend the big bucks of software with dozens of complicated options when all you actually need is a simple software that watermarks PDF documents? If you are wondering how to watermark a PDF file without spending a lot of time and money then 3StepPDF may be just what you are looking for.