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How to Split a PDF File

Let's consider the following scenario. You are a scientist that uses the PDF format for publishing all his scientific papers online. And that is actually a great choice since PDF documents are independent of hardware, software and operating system. But one day a good friend of yours asks you to send him a specific chapter from your last published paper. You could just send him the entire paper and let him find the desired chapter but that would be a tedious process. So what you would have to do in this kind of situation is split the original paper in chapters and send your friend the chapter that interests him. In order to split PDF files you would need a special software but the bad news is that such software programs are expensive, complicated and rarely offer comprehensive tutorials that show you how to split a PDF file.

What you actually need is a simple and easy-to-use software that does not make PDF splitting harder than it should be. This is where 3StepPDF comes in with its intuitive interface and powerful PDF processing engine. With 3StepPDF, splitting a PDF file is as simple as 1, 2, 3. If you want to learn how to split a PDF file fast and easy please take a look at the following video tutorial.

As you can see in the tutorial above 3StepPDF lets you select the file that you want to split, define the intervals in which this file will be split and select a naming scheme and a location for your output PDF files. Besides this custom interval split which is shown in this video 3StepPDF also offers the possibility of splitting your PDF files in pages or in consecutive page intervals.

So why spend a lot of money on expensive software with dozens of complicated options when all you need is a simple PDF splitter? If you are wondering how to split a PDF file without spending a lot of time and money then 3StepPDF may be just what you are looking for.