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Watermark PDF Documents

Watermark multiple PDF files in a single processing

  • Watermark Text (select font type, size and color)
  • Watermark Image (modify image scale)
  • Position Watermark in Points or Percents
  • Watermarked Document Preview
  • Use Page Intervals to Watermark only certain pages
  • Custom Output File Names

PDF files are a very good way to transfer information online because they can be encrypted and the person that receives such files needs to know the password or have the required certificate to open them. But maybe you just want to publish some documents, user manuals ,tutorials or documentation on the Internet for everyone to see. Well, this may come with a problem. If the PDF files that you publish are not watermarked with and appropriate Copyright notice then anyone can use your work as if it was theirs.

To avoid such a problem one would need a software program that can watermark PDF files. If we are talking about a big company that works with a lot of PDF documents then that software should also be capable to batch watermark PDF files in order to improve productivity. This is where 3StepPDF comes in.

3StepPDF gives you the possibility to batch watermark PDF files with either a text or an image. For the text watermark you have the option of changing the text's font type, font size and color. For the image watermark you can modify the scale of your selected image which can be either a JPG or PNG. The watermark can be positioned in one of the four corners or in the center of the PDF's pages. If you choose a corner position you have to give the watermark's coordinates which can be absolute (in points) or relative to the size of the page (in percents).

With 3StepPDF it has never been easier to watermark PDF files. It doesn't matter if you have a dozens of PDF files that you want to watermark in batch mode or you just want to watermark only a few pages from a certain PDF document, 3StepPDF will get the job done in no time and at an affordable price. But don't take our word for it, try it out.

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