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Split PDF Documents

Split multiple PDF files in a single processing

  • Split PDF Files in Consecutive Page Intervals
  • Split PDF File in Custom Page Intervals
  • Create a new PDF for each Page Interval
  • Custom Output File Names

PDF documents such as user manuals, books, tutorials or project documentation usually contain multiple pages, sometimes even hundreds of pages. But maybe someone is just interested in just a certain chapter of your book or just a specific section of the documentation you wrote and asks you to send it to him. Of course you could send him the entire document and just tell him the page interval where he can find the information he needs but that seems a bit tedious. What you want to do in such situations is split the PDF document in chapters or sections and send the required information as a separate PDF document.

As it can be seen in the above example, the ability to split PDF files can be very useful if you work a lot with PDF documents. You may need to split PDF documents in pages or maybe you will need to extract a certain chapter from a PDF book. It is always nice to have a software around that can do this for you fast, easy and at an affordable price. This is where 3StepPDF comes in.

3StepPDF gives you the possibility to split PDF files in batch mode for increased productivity. There are two ways in which you can split your files: Consecutive Page Split and Interval Split. The Consecutive Page Split will split your PDF documents in PDF files containing consecutive pages from the original document. The Interval Split will split a PDF document in PDF files containing pages from intervals that you can manually define. You can also select the Output Folder of the resulting PDF files and give them meaningful names like "Page1" or "Pages(20-40)" by using the Output Names option.

With 3StepPDF splitting PDF documents has never been easier. With its batch splitting capabilities and complete options our software is the complete solution that will help you split PDF files with ease. But don't take our word for it, try it out.

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